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Planning and scheduling, quality management, inventory optimization, tooling management, preventative and predictive maintenance, and Manufacturing Intelligence are the core functional areas of the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

● Having accurate, real-time production visibility improves product quality, order accuracy and customer satisfaction

● Improving product quality, reducing cycle times, automating manual workflow.

● Meeting Customer Expectations Of Real-Time Responsiveness And Quality

First Forming

Forming The Horn &Hump

Pressed The Stud Hole

Fit The Bearing

Quality Management

Forlong operates a high standard quality management system. helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

● Standard ISO9001:2015

● Standard ISO9001:TS16949

Checking The Rim Runout

Leak Testing Of The Wheel Rims

Wheel Rims' Size Checking

Package and Transportation

A standard export package according with the volume of Containers.


Package-Complete wheel


Pallets of Wheel

Pallets of Wheel

Pallets of Wheel

Industrial Certification


ISO 9001