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Quality statement

WARRANTY DECLARATION To who will concern,
The warranty period of steel wheel is 12 months (1 year) since the date of arrival (the destination port). All claims concerning the quality of the product are considered eligible only if the document proving the purchase is provided. The written complaint with supporting materials (photo, video) should be forwarded to the seller in the following terms:
The manufacturer required at least four pieces of the claim photos including the Production date of the steel wheel (Week/year), the full view of the steel wheel, the size and part no. of the steel wheel, and the quality defect photos. The photos should be marked with the arrival date of the steel wheel.
The manufacturer will issue the compensation credit within 20days after received the claimed report + photos. The manufacturer will do the best to improve the steel wheel quality, enhance the quality control system and check the wheel carefully before loading, to eliminate the rejection rate of the steel wheel.

If unfortunately have defective wheel in the order.
The credit will indicate the purchase cost (FOB PRICE) only for the defective wheels. Or the manufacture can replace the wheel instead of the credit by next order, the new wheel will be packed different from the official order wheel and will not affect the QTY of the official order.
Manufacturer's warranty does not apply in the following situations, even if they occur during the warranty period.

1.) Natural wear and tear, normal aging of the wheels, natural wear of the wheel rim.
2.) Non-compliance with operating instructions, maintenance, use and storage of wheels.
3.) The use of inappropriate size or/and type of wheels, the use of inappropriate type, size, design of tires, the use wheels with over-inflated or under-inflated tires.
4.) Incorrect and/or unskilled installation, the further processing of the wheels,unauthorized changes to the wheel design (mechanical treatment, additional drilling etc).
5.) The use of wheels on a vehicle with incorrect axle geometry.
6.) Physical damage resulting from a car accident, fire, driving on rough surfaces, natural disasters etc.
7.) Loss of presentation due to aggressive chemicals, other damages caused by external influences (for example, hail, sand, salt, defrosting substances,stones), negligence, acts of vandalism.
The warranty does not apply to products that have been used for other purposes.